The Alstroemeria system is developed and used by very well respected Alstroemeria growers in Holland. With this system they are able to control temperature better, save on cooling costs, collect drain water and grow 100 % in substrate. Note: Not all Alstroemeria varieties are suitable for growing in substrate. Please mention to your plant supplier, that you are going to grow your Alstoemeria in hydroponics.

JB Hydroponical System
The JBH container has been designed for loose substrates. The substrates used today are cocopeat, perlite, pumice, marum and saw dust. The dimensions of the crate are 60 x 32 x 16 cm. The max. substrate volume is about 25 litres (with a head on 30 litres). Many drain holes in the bottom of the crate make sure that the drain water run off is very quick and even. The substrate will never remain too wet. The JBH container is an environmental and economical solution in which you can use substrate better and longer.

Root development
The JBH container showed, that the root development in this container is much better than in any other system, especially when we compare the roots in the substrate in the container with the roots in the substrate in a plastic bag or long trough. The root development is excellent. Roots seem to feel good everywhere. Stable moisture all over in combination with a high oxygen level makes sure that roots grow in all directions. Oxygen can only be available in a substrate when the run off is good and quickly. The JB Crate will guide the roots in all directions and will prevent that roots only go down and remain at the bottom of the crate. The drain-holes at the bottom of the crate will remain open in all circumstances even when placed on the ground.

  • Solid and quick drain run off.
  • Drain water run off separate from the substrate.
  • Containers with many drain points at the lowest points, so no standing water in the container.
  • Excellent root development thanks to the special shape of the container.
  • Substrate remains more aery than in a bag, because it is not pressed together.
  • Containers fit tightly in the EPS gutter for optimal insulation.
  • Substrate in insulated system, for better root temperature control.
  • Substrate in insulated system, for more economical temperature control.