JB Hydroponics BV

JB Hydroponics is specialized in the development and production of hydroponical systems and substrates. We are a well-established and flexible company, which has become one of the main suppliers of substrate gutter systems. Our JBH systems are available for slabs such as cocopeat in bags, but also for loose substrates to grow cut flowers and vegetables. Our systems are well known in many countries all over the world, because of our new and fresh ideas for flexible and constructive solutions for substrates, substrate systems and turnkey substrate projects.

JB Hydroponics designs, develops and produces all possible gutter systems, likesteel gutter systems and container systems. For growing on substrate the gutter system is one of the most important parts for several reasons. Gutter systems are used to collect drain water and to improve growth by designing the best shape for each plant. Most vegetables and cut flowers give the highest yield in their own specific environment. Different substrates require different solutions. The best design can even vary from country to country, due to different climate circumstances and because each substrate needs a different treatment.