JB Steel gutter system

JB Hydroponics has developed a new, innovative and unique steel gutter which can be used for vegetables, cutflowers and softfruit. This gutter is stronger than other types of gutters used today for the same purpose. We have developed a gutter with one large drainchannel in the middle, which is covered with a SSP plate. The drain water is not collected at the out side of the gutter, but on the inside. This creates a gutter with many advantages.

The gutters are made of galvanised steel with a thickness of 0,6 or 0,8 mm. For a substrate with a width of 200 mm, the gutters are 215 mm wide, the height is 95 mm. Top side of the gutter is coated with a special polyurethane white coating that protects the gutters from EC and PH influences. Bottom part is coved with white paint. The gutters are equipped with one large drain water channel with a depth of 40 mm and a width of 160 mm. Gutters can either be suspended or put on galvanised supports. Patent for this gutter is pending.

This new gutter has all the existing advantages of a raised system, but has also additional advantages:

  • Roots cannot grow into the drain water channel.
  • Leaves, fruit or additional waste cannot drop into the drain water channel.
  • Hardly any algae problems due to water collection on the inside of the gutter. Light cannot reach the drain water.
  • Gutter inside is very easy to clean.
  • Gutters remain clean on the outside.
  • Very strong gutter due to shape.
  • Substrate slabs cannot fall off the gutter, for the slabs are locked in.
  • Substrate on top of insulation material. So NO additional root warming due to temperature increase of the steel gutter. Less chance of getting pythium problems.
  • Very solid and strong Polyurethane coating of min. 25 mu on top side.
  • No scratching of the coating because the substrate lies on the polypropylene plate.
  • The gutter can be made in different widths.