JBH steel guttersystems

JB Hydroponics has developed a new, innovative and unique steel gutter for roses. The general idea behind our new gutter was creating a gutter with all the advantages a steel gutter system offers plus additional advantages due to the special design of our gutter. Our system consist of a steel gutter with a large drain channel which is covered by a substrate supporting plate.

Our gutter system has all the existing advantages of a raised system, but also has additional advantages:

  • Very large drain channel, the water will always flow freely.
  • The substrate supporting plate helps to prevent roots growing into the drain channel.
  • Leaves, fruit or additional waste can’t drop into the drain channel.
  • Hardly any algae problems due to water collection on the inside of the gutter. Light cannot reach the drain water.
  • Gutter inside is very easy to clean.
  • Gutters remain clean at the outside.
  • Very strong gutter due to shape.
  • Substrate on top of insulation material. So no additional root warming due to temperature increase of the steel gutter. Less chance of getting pythium problems.
  • Very solid and strong Polyurethane coating on top side.
  • No scratching of the coating because the substrate lies on the supporting plate.
  • The gutters are made of galvanised steel with a thickness of 0,6 or 0,8 mm and can be produced in different widths. The height of the gutter is 95 mm. Top side of the gutter is coated with a special polyurethane white coating that protects the gutters from EC and PH influences. Bottom part is covered with white paint. The gutters are equipped with one large drain water channel with a depth of 40 mm and a width of max. 270 mm. Gutters can either be suspended or put on galvanised supports.

JBH containersystems

Alternative steel systems for Roses are the JBH container system or the JBH small gutter system:

EPS guttersystems
The EPS guttersystems are made of polystyrene. An environmental friendly material that is completely recyclable. EPS guttersystems are produced in all sizes and forms and to the grower’s demands. Even existing EPS systems can often easily be adapted and modernized, functioning just like a new system. EPS systems last easily 10 years, are durable, economical in both procure and use. Flexibility makes the EPS systems, the systems with the lowest year costs. When after many years of use the EPS materials have to be removed, they can be recycled if they are not too polluted. If the material is too polluted, we will also collect the material, then it will be dumped or burned. As this is done on basis of weight, the costs are very low. So also in the future there won’t be any problems with the removal of the EPS systems.

The future
Rose cultivation will keep developing, therefore the need for adaptable systems will certainly grow. EPS systems are the most flexible and economical systems. For most circumstances EPS systems are the best solution, especially because it is almost certain that systems will have to be adapted in the near future under the influence of cultivation developments. If you choose for a very long term, with a one time big investment the JBH Steel system is an excellent option. This is also the case when you change cultivation various times a year. Our guttersystems are unrestricted in size and model and can be tailor-made for every customer.